Portrait of Dr Leo Eloesser, 1931 - by Frida Kahlo

This painting depicted Dr. Eloesser. Frida's most trusted medical adviser in her life. Frida got to know Dr. Eloesser while she was hospitalized because of persistent pain in her right leg while she was staying in San Francisco. Dr. Eloesser was a well-known doctor and a friend of Diego Rivera. Dr. Eloesser was very interested in the arts and was described as:

"...a short man with a birdlike neck who favored starched, inch-high collars, looked like a young man who had suddenly grown old, and played the viola horrifically".

After the treatment, Dr. Eloesser became Frida's close friend and she painted this portrait for him to show her gratitude for the medical advice as well as the friendship. This portrait was painted at Dr. Eloesser's home located at 2152 Leavenworth Street.

In the background of this portrait, Firda painted a ship on the table, which is similar to the ship that Dr. Eloesser owned and sailed in the San Francisco bay. Frida asked Diego Rivera's advice on how to paint a ship since she never painted it before. Diego answered that she can paint it whatever she likes. Frida named the ship "Los Tres Amigos" (The Three Friends) which refers to Dr. Eloesser, Diego, and herself. Frida also writes the name on the side of the ship.