Me and My Doll, 1937 - by Frida Kahlo

Frida was known to be not able to bear children due to the bus accident that happened in the year of 1925. And at the time this painting was painted, she has lost three unborn children. She has been collecting dolls and keeping pets on which she gave her love to.

This portrait depicts Frida sitting on a bed with a doll. But she seems distant and disconnected with the substitute of her baby. She seems to be posing for the camera and doesn't care about the doll at all. Also. she was smoking a cigarette, which people usually don't do while a baby is around. It seems she knows the doll is not her own real child and she shows no attachment to it at all.

She has an expression of sadness and loneliness on her face, maybe due to the fact that she is childless. Her room is empty and add a feeling of emptiness. Also her skin tone id darker than in her other paintings to match her Mexican clothes.