Marxism will give health to the sick - by Frida Kahlo

Frida Kahlo was trying to "serve the Party" and "benefit the Revolution" by introducing a political view into her work during the last few years of her life. This painting is one of those Frida embraces the Utopian belief that she, and all the other people in this world, can be freed from pain and suffering and saved by the political convictions.

In this painting, she was wearing her leather corset and stand against the divided background, which has half of that representing the peace and good things and the other is threatened with evil and destruction. She is being cured by two huge hands, which are symbols of Marxism. In her own hands, she was holding a red book of Marxism and got rid of her crutches. She later commented on this painting:

For the first time, I am not crying any more"

This painting was one of her last portraits and never got finished. The original title of this painting was this: "Peace on Earth so the Marxist Science may Save the Sick and Those Oppressed by Criminal Yankee Capitalism".