Diego and frida - by Frida Kahlo

This painting was painted by Frida Kahlo as a present for her husband Diego Rivera on their 15th wedding anniversary. She later repainted another version of this painting to keep for herself. The dates in the title, 1929-1944, speak for their years of marriage (excluding the brief period they were divorced in 1939-1940). The painting expresses Frida's deep love for Rivera. In this double-portrait, they were portrayed not as a couple, but as only one person. Both halves of faces complete each other.

This painting mingles both of their images and identities. She created a single head out of half of each of their faces. And this head is bound together by lots of branches, which means how deeply they love each other. The sun and moon is the symbol of husband and wife, the Kahlo-Rivera couple is shown to belong together. At the bottom of the painting, the joined scallop and conch are symbols of their love union.